Breaking News!! Breaking News!! Breaking News!!

The posts on with TWO R’s will soon be UNPUBLISHED.

It is now published as with ONE R only.

This new site, exactly the same as the previous one, will be auctioned at — proceeds to go to The Missing Children Project.

The buyer of this site will of course, after a successfull bidding, receive  the Username and Password of this site by email.








I, MynameisBotha (as in Earl), promise to:

1.  Unpublish the contents of (TWO Rs) when  the buyer paid for this blog.

2.  Email the UserId and Password of (ONE R) to the buyer.

3.  Never re-publish the old content on (TWO Rs), EXCEPT if Karoles Miss Behaves again — Difference of opinion is OK, we talking Miss Behave here, anywhere, anytime, anyhow)

4. Botha will never have access to the ONE-R-blog ever again after the hand-over.


2 Responses to “Breaking News!! Breaking News!! Breaking News!!”

  1. Fokk Says:

    Botha – Ek sal namens jou 500.00 se kaartjies koop op Bosparra dan stop ons asseblief nou die stront en maak die twee Karoles blogs toe.

    Wat dink jy?

    Laat weet my hier of mail my na

  2. mynameisbotha Says:

    Staak nou maar die gewonder oor Earl en Carl Botha. Moving on swiftly. Fanks!

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